“A Shadow Over the Manger”

The birth of Jesus is a glorious event. Though humbly born to humble God-fearing parents, He was and is “Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.” “Mild he lays his glory by.” The light of the glory of God is evident upon and around the angels who appear to the lowly shepherds in charge of providing first born male lambs for the temple sacrifices in nearby Jerusalem.

John 1 tells us “in Him was life and His life was the light of men.” But with all of that light there is nevertheless a shadow that falls over the manger. That shadow is in the form of the cross Jesus would die on 33 or so years later.

But a shadow in turn needs light behind it. And the light shining from behind the cross is that of the bodily resurrection of Jesus. His glory shines even brighter than it did at His birth.

Birth, shadow, cross, resurrection light. They are all of a piece, every day of the year. Be encouraged and let the light of Christ shine through you!