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How Martin Luther’s Bible Unified the German Language and brought identity to the German People

While under the protection of a German prince in Wittenberg castle, Martin Luther translated the bible into German. At the time, there were variants of the German language. Martin Luther provided a unified language that has been used to this day. Togther with his preaching, Bible commentaries and other writings, Martin Luther influenced and continues […]

An update on Wycliffe’s Bible from Wikipedia

“Wycliffe advocated translation of the Bible into the common vernacular. According to tradition, Wycliffe is said to have completed a translation direct from the Vulgate into Middle English – a version now known as Wycliffe’s Bible. While it is probable that he personally translated the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, it is possible he translated the entire New Testament. At any rate, it is […]

Bible Translation from the Middle Ages through the Protestant Reformation

In my first Bible translation post I traced translation efforts through Jerome’s Latin “Vulgate” (meaning the common language at the time. That translation was used into the Middle Ages but something very sad happened: people no longer spoke or read Latin; only some priests and other church officials understood it. Also, the church opposed efforts […]