“The Chosen”

I’m back. I apologize for the delay in blogging. I hope to get into a habit of regular writing that will bless others.

That starts with more information about “The Chosen” TV series. Season One is free on Amazon Prime. Seasons one and two are free through The Chosen app. No strings attached. You can also buy dvds for both seasons for under $25.

Filming of season three begins during the second half of April. It is hoped it will come out in December.

Funding and writing for season 4 have begun. It is crowd sourced, so Dallas Jenkins (the creative genius for The Chosen) is not beholden to any studio.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, 4 out of 5 of my family members binge watched all but the last episode of season 2. We watched that episode at one of my daughter’s while on vacation in early January.

I am a Chosen evangelist! It is anointed by God and is a great evangelism or pre evangelism tool. It shows how God cares and that Jesus was a genuine person.