Titus Coan: “Peace Man”

Titus Coan once wrote words to the effect that “if I am a Christian then I am a peace man!” He was not always that way. He served in the New York militia and as a pre teen “played army” leading a group of friends in pretend military activities during the war of 1812. But after he had a eepening experience of the Christian faith, he came to see the importance of preaching and living peace.

In Hawai`i he organized children and adults alike into military groups for peace! He raised money from the Hawaiians and himself sacrificially gave to the publication “The Advocate of Peace.” For many years his letters on peace were published in that journal. He provided pece material to sailors who visited Hilo harbor. He corresponded with two Quakers (pacifists) by the last name of Bean.

Titus Coan preached, gave and lived as a “peace man.”