“Great Reversals”

Throughout history and perhaps in your life, there have been great great reversals. You feel like you are at a dead end. Your dream has died. Whatever it may be. Then–wham!–you experience a great reversal. God can do that, you know.

Take Joseph in the book of Genesis, for instance. He asks for trouble by bragging about a dream he had. His brothers first sinfully put him down a well to die, then sell him into slavery. He does such a good job for the high Egyptian official that the official puts him in charge of everything. When that official’s wife makes a pass at Joseph and Joseph refuses, then she wrongfully accuses him!

He is put in jail for something he did not do! The head jailer puts him in charge of everything. Eventually Pharaoh has him released from prison to interpret dreams. Joseph explains them and Pharaoh puts him in charge of preparing for a great famine.

Ultimately his brothers do bow before the man they do not know is his brother, as happened in Joseph’s dreams when he was young. But it was God who brought Joseph through and ultimately used him for great good. The key phrase is “But God.” (Ephesians 2:4) And I hope to write about more great reversals in upcoming posts.